Another White Oak, December 2017

A White Oak floor plan has recently come to life for a fantastic couple.  Legacy Homes completed this gem at the end of 2017.

Piled high with many of Legacy's standard features such as granite counter tops, great quality windows and 9' ceilings in the basement, the clients made some of their own unique upgrades.  

The result was this lovely home where the quality exceeded the local building code with things such as 16" on center framing and 2x6 walls with BIBS insulation (not batt).  

Explore the possibilities of building your custom Legacy with us! Click here to view the video: New Home, December 2017


Custom White Oak Plan

Do you love the idea of custom building a home?  Legacy Homes just completed a custom home for a family. 

These clients started with one our our floor plans, The White Oak, and made it their own.  Our in-house draftsperson listened to their needs and created it.  With many of their wishes already included as Legacy's standard features (such as quartz/granite counter tops, 8' tall overhead garage doors and Anderson windows - just to mention a few) this was a perfect opportunity. 

Not only did this family have a lovely home, the quality exceeded the local building code with things such as 16" on center framing and 2x6 walls with BIBS insulation (not batt).  

We absolutely love what we do and are deeply committed.  We invite you to see the home here (click the link): Custom White Oak


Deep Freeze Coming

Brian Miller, builder at Legacy Homes has some tips for you.  Please see this link.

Protect Outdoor Water Faucet from Freezing


Prep Now for Winter

October is a great time to prepare your new (and older) home for winter.  At Legacy Homes of Pueblo, we have a suggested to-do list for you.

Reverse Ceiling Fans:  Switch the fan to run in a clock-wise direction.  This will pull the warm air at the ceiling down into the room.

Clean Gutters and Downspouts: Throughout the summer leaves, bugs and other debris build up.  Fall cleaning insures proper rain and snow flow.  

Replace Batteries in Smoke Detectors: Although your detector will start chirping when the battery is low, doing this now will prevent it alerting you at an inconvenient time.  

Turn Off / Blow Out Irrigation System:  Water left in your irrigation system can freeze and damage your system.

Remove Hoses from Bib: Leaving the hose attached can form ice in your hose bib, causing damage.  

Call Chimney Sweep:  If you have a wood fireplace or pellet stove, this is an essential step every year to clear debris and keep things free-flowing.

Clean Window Sash: Dirt and debris can collect and cause the weep holes to become blocked, thus not allowing the proper drainage. 

Check Snow Blower and Shovels: In the event of an early snow, it's a good idea to have these in working order.

For further winterizing tips, check out Home Advisor

Keep looking up

Fall Photo: "Keep Looking Up" by Builder, Brian Miller. 




A Note from the CEO

"One shouldn't settle for a builder who won't modify blueprints and plans. At Legacy Homes of Pueblo, we'll work with your dreams, your lifestyle and your ideas. It's the way it should be."

- Branson A. Haney, CEO / General Contractor 


Spotlight on our General Contractor/CEO

Branson Haney is the CEO / General Contractor of Legacy Homes.  He is an award winning, dynamic and innovative builder licensed throughout the Colorado Front Range. He directs the operational, project management, and fiscal responsibilities of the company, holding an MBA from Denver University.

Chairman of the Board for the Colorado Association of Home Builders in 2016, Past President of the Pueblo Association of Home Builders and an ongoing Builder Representative for the National Association of Home Builders, Branson is deeply committed to the building industry.


Considering Building? Read this!

Have you tossed around the idea of building a new home?  Legacy Homes is here to help, of course.  We highly reccomend an extremely informative book, "Building Your Home, An Insider's Guide" by Carol Smith.  In it, she details everything throughout the entire building process - from financing to location, home design to construction sequence and closing to warranty service. 


New Home for Sale

Looking for a new home, but not the wait of construction time?  Legacy Homes of Pueblo has the perfect home in Pueblo West on Challenger Drive - the Pinon floorplan.  This open-concept, quality driven, four bedroom, two bathroom home awaits you. It features a rear covered patio, hardwood floors, granite and a spa-like master bath. It also features a sunken living room.  $292,900.


We've got Piñons on the Way!

We are busy building several of our very popular Piñon homes and these beautiful properties are for sale! Two are nearing completion; one at the end of May and the other beginning of June. Both are located on Pueblo West's north side.

Read More

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